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Parish Mission this week by Fr. Burke at St. Pat’s in Lemont

Parish Mission

Fr. Burke Masters at St. Patrick’s Parish in Lemont

March 4-6, 2013

I will be giving a parish mission March 4-6, 2013 at 7:30 pm each night at St. Patrick’s Parish, 200 E Illinois St Lemont, IL 60439.  The mission will be based on the recent book by Matthew Kelly entitled “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic”.  Here is how the talks will break down:

Monday, March 4, 7:30pm – Prayer

Tuesday, March 5, 7:30pm – Study and Generosity

Wednesday, March 6, 7:30pm – Evangelization

I’m very excited about this book!  Matthew Kelly has interviewed a few thousand “engaged Catholics” in the United States and found that they all have these four signs in common.   These engaged Catholics, only 7% of Catholics, contribute 80% of the volunteer hours and 80% of the finances in their parishes.

Kelly proposes a very practical way for each of us to grow in our faith and to become more engaged Catholics.  I believe this book and Kelly’s proposals can have a profound impact on us individually and on the whole Church in the United States.  Please come join us at St. Pat’s Parish in Lemont this week!




  2. What a great, awesome small world. My sister in law in Naperville told me about your blog and I’ve been following. Love it – thanks for taking the time to write, share, encourage and inspire! I’ve shared your blog with friends and our pastor, who recently had surgery, as encouragement. Our church in Huntsville, AL, gave out the Dynamic Catholic book 2 Christmases ago followed by the Dynamic Catholic retreat and gave out The Mega Church book this year. I think I even sent copies of one of the Matthew Kelly books to my brother/sister in law in Naperville. After Mathew Kelly visited, we held several “What should we do next” meetings with parishioners who wanted to be “more engaged.” This January, we started small group studies using the “Year of Faith” book for the first session of discussions. We were hoping to sign up 50 parishioners and ended up with over 150 parishioners joining small groups. Now we are encouraging small groups to use the Mega Church study guide and continue with that book for their next session. And in that “we are all connected way,” you are doing a Mathew Kelly mission at the church where I grew up in Lemont, IL. Rereading this, I realize that I’ve thrown together a lot of random thoughts and events that seem connected to me but may not seem all that apparent to you, but nonetheless, I wanted to thank you for your blog and send you encouragement for the work you are doing. Just what our world needs J

    And since I’m throwing random thoughts together, I was encouraged last night to see that ran an ad during The Bible on the history channel. So many of my Baptist friends had been writing about the miniseries on facebook, encouraging people to tune in and generally excited about the series, but I had not heard about it through church. And then there was that great ad. Living in the Bible belt, I am surrounded by evangelization but typically it is not from fellow Catholics. Praying that this energy will continue to be a force!


    Laura Moss

  3. Fr. Burke, I wanted to say that I attended mass last night at St. Patrick’s church and was incredibly inspired by your homily. I would have loved to attend the mission this week but unfortunately I work second shift.

    also.. Go Celtics!

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