Posted by: frburke23 | September 29, 2014

Picture of Pope Francis yesterday

September 28 picture with Pope Francis



  1. WOW , how fantastic. when mysister and I were at the Vatican, we saw Pope John Paul 2 but he was up in a window addressing us…he looked as big as an ant from that distance. You certainly got much closer to Ppe Francis. wht a blesing.

  2. Did you take that pic?

  3. If I were you I’d have this photo enlarged and nicely framed ! It is such a great picture of Pope Francis! My sister was also blessed to see JP II up close and took a snapshot and we had it enlarged and framed. We have it displayed for all to admire in our home.

  4. Great picture of the Holy Father!! You did good!!!

  5. Thank you Fr Burke for your sharings on the Mass readings and its lovely to hear about your visit to wonderful Rome. I’m very grateful especially to get your sharing on Sundays gospel as I find that one a bit of a mystery (and many other Sunday gospels too) and I still didnt feel very enlightened after our priests homily. Sundays gospel is the one I’m always going to hear and i’m glad to get any help with it. God bless, Maura McCaughey, Ireland

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